No Insurance? We Can Help!

Eye Care Membership Plans

Do you have vision insurance? Looking to save money on your eye care? Become a Hockemeyer Family Eye Care Member! Hockemeyer Eye Care has you covered! As the leading provider of optometry services in the New Haven community since 1996, it is our goal to help you achieve and maintain clear vision for years to come. Our membership programs are designed to help you easily receive the preventative eye care and solutions you need. Contact us today to get started!


Membership Advantages

*One time initiation fee of $20

Over $300 Value
$192 / Year
$16 / Month
$192 /Year First Member
$159 /Year Add’l Members
Bronze Family Monthly Plan: $14/month
Over $450 Value
$240/ Year
$20/ Month
$240/Year First Member
$189/Year Add’l Members
Silver Family Monthly Plan: $17/month
Over $800 Value
$449/ Year
$39/ Month
$449/Year First Member
$360/Year Add’l Members
Gold Family Monthly Plan: $30/month

Free Annual Exam

$10 Retinal Screening

5% Discount on In-Office Supplements

$100 Frame Benefit (Unlimited)

10% Off Lenses Only

20% Off Lenses (With purchase of a frame)

30% Off Additional Lenses

10% Off Year Supply of Contacts

$75 Sunglass Benefit

*On Select Brands, Unlimited

$25 Contact Fit/Evaluation Benefit

20% Discount on Non-Insurance Covered Office Procedures

*Dry Eye Treatments, Aesthetic Procedures, etc.

Membership Frequently Asked Questions

Is this insurance?

No. This is not insurance. It’s better. Think Amazon Prime membership but for your eye care needs.

Are there deductibles?

No. Remember, it’s better! Your benefits start immediately.

Are there exclusions for treatment?

No. Pre-authorizations are not necessary.

Can I use an HSA/FSA card?

Yes. Memberships are a valid charge.

Are there yearly maximums?

No. You receive unlimited treatment and savings.

Is this a subscription?

Yes! This is an affordable subscription. Just like a gym membership for your eyes.

What are the disclosures?

The term of our membership plans is 12 months from the patient Effective Date and automatically renews on the Renewal Date. Patients can opt-out of the membership plan renewals by contacting our practice directly, or by writing a 30-day notice letter. Refunds are at the sole discretion of our practice

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